Monday, July 2, 2012

Profoundly Yours

Assalamualaikum wrbt.

Life aint changing that much so i dont really have anything to say or write for a while now. I dont really have the passion to discuss trending topics or some hot front page newspaper issues or politics. So, here i am talking bout nothing. Again. 

What i noticed these days, people got so worked up they forgot things. Things that matters, family, friends, food, places or memories. Well, it matters to me at least.

It is scary enough, the idea of people who we used to know, people we used to hangout with, who we laughed with, laughed at, got so far away, so forgotten that we became strangers. Mostly these happens to working people; people who have jobs. Poor, good or great jobs whatever jobs you are in. The concept of living a happy ending with a lot of money to spend when you are in your pension age doesnt suits me well. 

Ive seen pensioners. I hate it when i see one sipping teh tarik all alone. You have all the money to spend, been to a whole lot of places, only to share the smile with the half empty teh tarik cup. Where have you been to get to where you are now?

My concern is, at the end of that journey, we look back and wonder where we are. We wonder who are these people digging up our grave for us. Faces we never met, hands we never shake with, voice we never heard of. Okay maybe thats just too deep. 7 foot deep.

Im just saying that its good to see faces that we knew. Its good to 'catch up'. Its good to say "hey, what happened to you, you look fat." Then they replied "i got married and shes a great cook." and we all lol the night out.

Im going to leave the keyboard now, so, lets look down the memory lane, find some face that we are familiar with, text them, hangout. Tea is better with three.

salam alaykum.

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