Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Talking About Politics

Assalamualaikum wrbt.

Always when were having conversations these days we bump into this one topic. Politics. And, always we dispute over it, again and again without any answer to anyone's questions. Maybe there is an answer but not the one we wanted to hear. So, why? Why did we even think about talking politics with another person? Why why why why why oh why. ;p

What comes out of them (politic conversations) will nevertheless be a whole new bundle of assumptions.

So i did make few assumptions of my own, in regards to talking about politics, may it be among colleagues, among friends, best friends, enemy, enemies, uncles, grandfathers, father, father in law, our spouse, spouses; of how that person thinks, what idea he has or who he is in that situation, that exact moment.

1. People who opens/started the political talk often have nothing else to say. Politic is actually a very good ice breaking topic besides football and food. I mentioned football because most political conversations are often talked by men (my blog, my environment). Women wouldn't care less, not until some prices of goods raises. This brings us to another theory that everybody is already in a political party, or liked one but has yet to join, or agrees with an idea or ideas that one party stood up for. Therefore, when you praise a party, or you condemn one, there will be at least one person who will say otherwise. Often it started with "i agree with you, but..". 'But...' This person who started it never learns, or maybe he is never a quitter both ways were screwed. This type of people is more of a starter not contributor. And they always love to see other people argue but hate being in that argument. Always.

2. People who opens/started the political talk have a very little idea what they are talking about. And they often loses the first few arguments. Those who have enough confident to talk about politic does not play the offensive role. They usually keep it calm until some idiot say something stupid like ''oh how good the government nowadays, or how dirty the oppositions are''. Nah, then goes dozens of facts not figures, and a whole lot quote from this newspaper, that magazine, those youtube videos and all blurted out like a used machine gun by that keep calm and support your party guy. But that does not end there my friend. One otai will always back up that idiot who started the conversation. There goes a good cup of coffee and few stick of cigarettes inhaled not because of addiction but for stalling a respond. This type of person is usually in the peak of his youth, aged between 24-26. Often found not married, but attracts a lot of people around. They are grouped in the moderate class, those who always says he agrees with his teammates, attack sikit-sikit, but never strongly disagree with the opposite team where he will always eats a counter. Always.

3. People who opens/started the political talk thinks they are super-humans or psychic who can turn the ideology of one man in a single conversation. How many kedai kopi conversations you have had resulting one person converts/jumps to your party, or at least accept the idea of your party, or even less nods to your good points? I bet none. Oh sorry i don't bet. I guess none. So, please stop trying to make us joins this party or that party my friend. I don't mind listening to some of your views on politics, but not all the time. For you to force the ideology into me is just assaulting and i felt raped. This type of people are far from extremist. They are the self-righteous, most narcissistic men on earth. Whatever you say wont matter. They know what they are doing. The one who doesn't is you. Always.

4. People who opens/started the political talk wants to know more about a party they gonna vote. They want to know whether they will make the right choice, cross the right box. Well my friend as a voter myself, you aint getting much help from that discussion. Discussions which is sparked by disagreement and dispute and worst ever, assumptions, what kind of support information could you get from that? Nothing. This type of people are the virgins of politic world. These people are mostly our university students. They always start with a question. Always.
*shorter, bcos im tired of typing n im hungry*

So, i think from now on, whenever somebody talks about politics, i'am going to shut up, make a funny face or deflect on something else, ill try muslim chinese food topic. The person who is going to be on that voter carrel is you, only. Read some books, read some constitutions (if it helps), because written dialogues, and written ideology gives you better understanding and is often more helpful than a spoken one. You cant say i care less about my country just because i refuse to talk about politics. I have voted in the past and i will vote again in the future. And that will matter most.

salam alaykum.

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