Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sleep Disorder : A Novel

Assalamualaikum wrbt.

I haven't been able to sleep very well for the last couple of month. Ive been turning over the bed over and over again to look for it. Sleep. Every night it seems like im in a dark museum, looking for artifacts without a tag.

Ive tried many things. Taking a bath before bed, eat, like a lion, push ups, sit ups, wearing eye cover or whatever it was called, i even tried earplugs. Most of those time, i end up mocking myself, for not sleeping. Dammit, i said.

Consequences are, i get sleepy every morning at work, at breakfast and at lunch. Ive been keeping myself busy at sundown till supper so i dont sleep at those times for it only will make my sleep disorder worse.

Wherever sleep is, ill never give up. I will find her and tell her i love her. I want her back. I know she is there, somewhere, hiding so i couldnt find her. Hiding for reasons i never knew why. Hiding so near yet so far.

Now, i will begin searching for her again. Under my table.

Hihi. Happy Lunch Hours guys.

Salam alaykum.

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Fana Hadi said...

writing like a sir. :)