Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Siakap and other weird tales.

I, am the son of Meek, the Siakap King of the Western Sea. I was born with 300 other siblings, the best quality of Siakap alive. Unfortunately the number halves as we grew a few weeks older.

My name is Prince.

Though my siblings and I were identical to each other, we really did differ. Some have slightly longer fin than the other, some have bigger eyes, and some are just wrong colored.

With these differences, however, we managed to get along. In fact, we get along very well. We have in our little group, the big eye siakap which our father named him Two Big, the mute siakap which we call him Water, the extra tail fin, Kid, and the blond dorsal fin siakap, we named him Rusty.

Me myself have shorter fins than most of the siakap around. Besides Prince, they always called me Shorty. I sometimes hated that.

Two Big's eyes are inarguably big. They seemed like the sky, with two full moon. He was forced to wear a fin-made spectacle to protect his eyes from the burning sun and the clumsiest plankton around.

Water is not actually mute. Its just that he doesn't talk much. And when he did talk, the words just sank inarticulately. With that difficulty, he just smiled at us all the time, avoiding questions and fish talks.

Kid, in the other hand is persuasively talkative. He is not a starter, but when he starts, it's like listening to the drops of heavy rain all night long. Despite his extra tail fin, Kid is, or should be, a faster swimmer than the others. Unfortunately, no. He is no faster swimmer than any of us. Nobody knows what the extra fins are for.

Rusty is the most attractive out of the five of us. Obviously because of his blond color dorsal fin. Our father said that he was licked by a mermaid when he was still an egg. But, we didn't really care. Blond, red, black, blue or aquamarine, we still smell the same. Fishy.

Together, we formed a little company of Siakap.

One fine morning, when the sea is calmed without presence of any wind, no signs of sharks or bigger fish, we decided to travel a little bit far from our so called underwater forest. This idea came from Two Big.

"There is another place like this in the sea. I could see it from here."
says Two Big, acting like a fortune teller predicting the end of a thunderstorm.

"Lets go then, lets discover the sea. We are, strong enough now."
says Shorty, and the rest gives a nod.

So, late in the evening, they swam across the underwater forest, through a big coral reef, above the sandy sea beds, heading towards a warmer water, brackish some might say, to see another place like home.

Just a few minutes after departure, Two Big ran into a box. "Eclipse" says the writings on the box. Rusty opened it out of curiosity. In the box they found a green-like plant. A little bit different from seaweeds, the plant is like a few blade of grass, chewed and spitted out by an animal. Sealed in a plastic wrapper, they unfold it.

The first to have a bite is Two Big. Then Rusty, followed by Kid. Water didn't seem to show any interest with the new discovery. For me maybe its just spinach. Nothing much to be excited for.

As we continue our journey, the three of them who took a bite of that Eclipse seemed unusually happy. They were laughing and telling stories out of nowhere. Some stories didn't seem to sync at times but that just makes it more hilarious. As Two Big's eyes shrinks and reddened, I myself, were enjoying those laugh and drained into the happy mood.

"Maybe its the Eclipse thats making them act like this"
said I to Water.

In reply, Water gave me a shudder.

The three fishketeers were laughing still when we seemed to arrive near a river bank. Water and me swam ahead to see if there are any danger waiting. We left the three behind to wait for us. Not long after that, the ground below us shakes like a whale have crossed over our underwater forest. I saw Two Big, Kid, and Rusty drawing near to us.

"Careful of the net"
the word whispered out of Water's mouth.

"Well guys, it seemed like we forget to look at the nets below like what uncle Piere said."
says Rusty.

All were quiet for a while until they all burst with laughter.

There were no more smile in Water's face. Neither on mine.

"If you were quite sure you were in a net. Than you should be sure you are a dead, smelly fish."
the last word by Piere echoed again and again before they all lost their breaths.

*In memories of Ah Jem, Ah Boy, Ah Bob, Eh Py and me.

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