Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kaya Sikit Dari Bill Gates

Assalamualaikum wrbt.

Oh Come On!

1. Evan Marcus, a Systems Engineer from Fair Lawn, New Jersey who maintains a Bill Gates Net Worth Page on his web site, notes that Bill could buy every single major league team in Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey for only about 35% of his net worth -- plenty left over to buy a European sport.

2. Consider that he made this money in the 25 years or so since Microsoft was founded in 1975. If you presume that he has worked 14 hours a day on every business day of the year since then, that means he's been making money at a staggering million dollars per hour,around $300 per second.

3. Another way to examine this sort of wealth is to compare it to yours. Consider an average American of modest wealth. Perhaps she has a net worth of $70,000. Mr. Gates' worth is 800,000 times larger. Which means that if something costs $100,000 to her, to Bill it's as though it costs 12 cents.

4. So for example, you might think a new Lambourghini Diablo would cost $250,000, but in Bill Gates dollars that's 31 cents. That fully loaded, multimedia active matrix 233 MHZ laptop with the 1024x768 screen you've been drooling after? Half a penny.

But but but.. (tapi tapi tapi..)


5. YOU are paid like 1,500 to 3000 ---  i assumed that this is the average income of the middle class in Malaysia --- which is also equal to half a penny to Mr. Bill. (Hahahahaha.. damn it!)

6. Look at the brighter side ok.. lets say you owns 3000, Bill owns 3 trigazillion << made up my own measure word to loose the zero.. it means many zero ok..

7. So! One day, both you and Mr. Bill walk down an alley.. bumped into one sad beggar.. both of you are deeply sorry for this guy and both give up 10 Ringgit to the beggar.

8. Nah.. how much is ten ringgit out of 3000? and how much is ten ringgit out of 3 trigazillion? do the math people..  (^^)

9. Want to be richer than Mr. Bill? GIVE MORE.

Salam alaykum

note: points from 1 to 5 is taken from the internet at www.iforgotwhereitookitsorry.com


Ms Nur Mizly said...

i wanna be a gate. that is much secure....! ;p

Anonymous said...

touch n go one or push button to get ticket? kahkahkah.. (tak tau apesal cam funny sgt..)

bill telefon said...

aku rse ni entry kau yg plg memotivasi aku....aku nk g cr peminta sedekah skang gak...

Anonymous said...

eh tak perlu cari peminta sedekah only berader.. cari kawan2 mcm aku pun boleh sedekah.. meh sini meh..

bil air said...

active matrix 233 MHZ laptop with the 1024x768 screen - ini teknologi zaman batu braderr... rokok aku hilang la... ko nmpak x?

Anonymous said...

bil-la kau nak mampus : sesuai la untuk processor IBM mcm kau..