Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Assalamualaikum wrbt.

We always count those days when we thought God is giving us hard times. 15 days without water. 30 days without rain. 9 days in hospital bed. 6 years this and that. We keep whining and complaining, and tweeting and shouting about how unfortunate we are, how cruel life is, how you did not deserve something or how you deserved better.

Some guy did post "2 weeks without my swatch" in a social network. I guess he had lost it or something. I am truly sorry for your loss my friend. But its been 2 weeks now. Stop counting. Its a swatch. Not a rolex. Go buy another one. All our lives, we share most of our misery with people; with our friends. "My cat died yesterday, why did God take him away. Its only been 3 years" says a friend who i never knew he had such a cute cat over these few cat years. Come on, dont do that. Dont blame God.What about those 3 years living happily with your cat?

Rarely i came across statuses of people counting their good days. Maybe once a year in their birthday posts thanking God for the beautiful life he gave them, how they felt so lucky to be alive to celebrate another birthday with the ones they love and bla bla bla. That kind of gratitude; once a year.

Let us be true to ourselves now. Have we ever counted those days when we have more than enough water? How many people did that and post it in any social network? "thank God its been 5 days with water" or "thank God my kids are still alive 11 years 27 days and counting" or "yeah!23 days out of hospital!". Nope, almost never. They got reaaaaally silent when the tap water comes in. Not even logging in (i know). Drowned?

Some people might say "of course we are thankful, we just don't say it out loud. In our hearts, we are profoundly grateful for the good things that happens in our life and bla bla bla ".

Thats why the world is full of bad news. Why you only share your bad dreams!? *put a meme here*

I seriously think that if we cannot be thankful or grateful enough to God or appreciate all the good things that happens in our life, we shouldn't complain so much.

Sekian, salam alaykum.


Anonymous said...

Bro fasal x jadi kolej lagi ?
Kami rindu la

mouse said...

Jadi kolej? haha. tanak ah. kering.