Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Low Cost Airline Effect

Assalamualaikum wrbt.

"Salam syam, nak tanya kalau nak minta tolong pergi Beijing lagi nak tak? 16 hb Mac ni"
"Tak rasanya. Nak pergi Thailand bulan 4. Bajet takda."
"Saya sponsor la, cuma pergi and nak minta tolong jaga client saya. Tapi tak ramai la. 9 dewasa 4 kanak-kanak."
"Nanti saya fikir dulu, nak kena minta cuti lagi. Takut cuti tak lepas sebab lagi 2 minggu je ni."
"Saya bagi allowance 300 untuk shopping"
"Er, okay. Saya apply cuti sekarang."

And thats how my free Air Asia tour begins with Beijing as my first destination.

Since the introduction of low cost airline by Air Asia, i have to admit everybody can fly. Now they also have Firefly, Merpati, Cebu Pacific and others alike. Some people i had known have been flying every month ever since. Some never came back. But that's another story. With promotions like RM10 return ticket, who wouldnt? Surely there will be gas tax, this tax and that tax later on but hey, its still cheap right? Last time i got return tickets to Beijing for RM340. Siapa nak bagi? Im not writing this to promote Air Asia or any other low cost airline company. Its just that i accidentally wrote the post title in a way academicians used to write papers, so i thought at least the introduction part should be something like this. Anyway, thank you Air Asia.

So back to my story, I was approached by Zizan, the owner of D'AWAL MANAGEMENT BUDGET TOUR to help him with his little business. We met back in 2010 when i was doing bench-marking projects with colleagues from my institution in Hong Kong and he was our tour agent for that occasion. Later we get to know more about each other on Facebook; commenting pictures and arranging some tours of my own. He's 5 ft tall, chubby guy with Chinese looks. Married and waiting for his second child. So, that could be one of the reasons why he needs some extra hands this year.

My first time tour leader vacation is one of the vacation i would not want to forget.

I was accompanying the beautiful family of Dr Shahar, her wife Dr. Siti, 4 of their kids, Syakirin, Khairunisa, Sara and that little girl, i forgot her name. My apology. Their nephew Hakim, Dr. Shahar's parents, his father in law, his older sister Kak Yan, i think, his elder sister and a family friend of whom i also forgot their names. Kak Yati kot.

I wont say much about the family but ill let u figure them out with these pictures. So, enjoy.

This is on the first day of our tour. The moment when i found out that i really hate cold weather.
Upon arrival at Tiananmen Square. The fathers do have a way with scarves.

From left standing, Dr. Shahar, Syakirin, Dr. Siti, Sara, Hakim
sitting; nenek. sleeping; that little girl i forgot her name.
Hakim and Syakirin; cousins who love to lepak  in my room.
My room at Majesty Hotel. I forgot the chinese name for it. Dong Ji or something like that.

Guess what, the night before we went to the Great Wall, it snows. My first snow! but i was like "aah ive seen that before" at first but when Syakirin throw me my first snow ball right on the face, i went berserk and i formed a team with sara and there i was looking like a 10 year old with beard and a handful of snowball in my hand and in my jacket.
Oh, and thats me. Hakim is my photographer for the whole trip.  There should be the Great Wall image behind me but that guy thinks its better this way. So abg syam, kalo nak cantik amik sendiri. Kenaaa!

The pact! hehe. 
One of my favorite snaps! Taken at Summer Palace (^^)

Ayh! Its so tiring uploading pictures like this. So im afraid thats it for u guys. I hope to write again about my next trip to Koh Samui with Mr Boy and his wife Dyla, Figo and Abong. I hope there's no bombing there. So! Take good care of urself!

Some day you will have all the time and all the money to get to where you want whenever you want. But i assure you, there is no such place like home.

Kind regards.
Salam alaykum.

OH! and thank you Zizan for the trust and the opportunity! see u Guangzhou trip! (^.^)

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