Monday, March 5, 2012

Then He Fellowed-fellowed Himself : Nightwalk

Assalamualaikum wrbt.

First of all, lets l.o.l  the post title. Its my translation from "Lalu Terfelo-felolah Beliau". I find it funny. So lets laugh together.

Two weeks ago, i received a text message in my wassap. It says "ada student kita sakit perut teruk, dia ondaway ke hospital, ada sesiapa free tak nak pergi tengok?". I looked at the time it was sent; 0050hrs. I was reading it at 0100hrs. Dem, my heart says. What should i do? Should i reply this or pretend i didnt read it? or should i just say "im not in?" . While i was still thinking about it my fingers moved without me knowing it and typed "rilek, biar aku g tengok".
Uneducated finger!

So at 0115hrs i walk down to the parking lot to get my car. Few students were still up, the weather is not as chilly as yesterday, i can see half the moon, so i guess it wasnt so bad after all. I'll pretend im having a nightwalk.  As i was getting to my car, i saw a Proton Saga with its engine on, but no driver. I questioned myself. Whos this idiot leaving a car like that at midnight? I walked pass it. Question answered. The driver were actually at the passengers seat on top of his passenger!. Thank god nobody else is watching or i would blush. Ehehe. No i wont. So after processing the scene in my head, i walk to the passengers window and give a knock. The guy pulled down the  window screen looking at me like nothing actually happened. I said "what in hell are you doing? you want me to smack your faces off?". Actually all i said was "Hello, u buat ape ni? get out of here now". Then the guy said "ohh, ok ok" while the girl was covering her face with her hair.  I waited in my car to escort them out of the college. Its a Saga, with starting D plate number. All i can remember.

Later i went straight to Hospital Kajang. I was looking for a parking space when i remembered my friends story about the hospital, and its parking lot. He heard a child's laugh on his way to the hospital lobby. So, I chose a different route. Parked near the hospital entrance, willing to pay any amount charged, if any. Fortunately nothing happened, and nothings charged. The only unfortunate news is those students werent there. I asked the nurse at the counter to check for the guys name but she couldnt find any. I called the person who wassap me and she said "I just checked, they changed their mind and went to Hospital Serdang instead and didnt tell anybody". So i went there after much thought. Its already half the effort, so ill just get this one done.

Arrived at Hospital Serdang at 0200hrs. I went to the register counter, ask for their whereabouts, found one of his friend. "He's in the toilet, we think its serious b'cos hes just had his appendix operation last week. But the doctor said it was only Diarrhoea". And i was like "ohh, nasib baik tak serius". So i shake this friends hand and went back home, arrived at 0245hrs.


Salam alaykum.

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