Monday, December 28, 2009

Frighten or Noble

Mama: ko tanak cari keje lain ke?
Me: kenape?
Mama: org tanye mama watpe kat u**, lecturer ke.. mama jawab tak la.. keje library je..
Me: ouh.. ape salahnye?
Mama: duk library buat katalog mama pun boleh.. ade ke bagi lelaki buat keje2 camtu..
Me: ...

Halo guys.. im proud of what i am n what i do.. but when ur mother keeps saying these things.. it somehow affects u.. and i do not know how to react.. for me.. being a librarian or something else.. whatever it is.. we should be proud of it.. grateful at the same time.. i love being a librarian. its a noble job.. we help people.. we get involve with knowledge, education field, research, ILMU!.. which in my Islamic view is a GREAT way to live a life.. im not saying other works aren't helpful or not noble.. its just that i, sometimes, are getting sick with people who criticize what we do in the library.. oh so u can do what we are doing now? go ahead.. do it.. but not without having a degree in library science.. u can't! we are the ones who get through at least 4 years of studying library science.. oh so u think its an easy non-adventurous field? go ahead and take the course then.. we were destined to take this course as u are destined to take urs.. oh so now when we get a steady plus secure job u guys start being jealous? why? because for u guys being a librarian is an easy job as anyone can do it? then i repeat myself.. GO AHEAD! take a degree course and do it! yes! being a librarian is eaaaasyyyyy!!!! so are u jealous?? yes u should be... but remember one thing.. back then when u were getting ur spm results.. most of us were not as happy as u guys doctors, engineers, architects going to be... we've been looked down ever since.. we take this library science we say.. then most of u guys laugh! oh.. there's a course like that? then we say.. ya.. sort of.. and it goes on.. until we graduated.. then SLAM! most of us succeed (bcos its easy to score in this course)... got a secure career.. while most of u guys struggle being the best in the field most of u successful people went to.. once again.. yes.. you people are JEALOUS! stop criticizing what we do.. (we beg u..) we are happy as we are.. being a librarian is NOT as bad as u think.. a job is a job.. it's just that we are not as popular as some.. so.. back off!


Melissa Mjb said...

yeah, go LIBRARIAN go!!

scha_10 said...

never regret aite! teringat kisah doctor,engineer & librarian..hehe.. :)

Mr boy said...

ko nak aku tolong sound mak ko ker? hangin plak gua tetibe bile ade org sound adik gua ni..

Anonymous said...

gua kawen sama nenek lu baru lu terngiang2..

Fairyhana said...


tiba-tiba buat saya tersedar.

perlu belajar lebih bersyukur. terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

aku pernah mengalami situasi sebegini..